Nano-opera: Gounod’s Faust

In Act I, a geezer wants to off himself because he’s a geezer. Handsome bass devil who sings better and is several feet taller talks him into sticking around, exchanging youth for some dubious duties later on. Spotting a beautiful, young woman who is actually just a soprano and neither of those things, he agrees, drinks a potion and becomes a handsome, young man who’s actually just a tenor and neither of those things. The soprano’s brother sings goodbye for a long time before marching off to war. A crowd has formed so that the devil has an excuse to sing some more, the crowds get revenge by bursting into singing of their own, and finally our unhandsome tenor fails to woo our unbeautiful soprano.

Before Act II, the audience members adjourn to Pauline’s for pizza and beer.


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    • Simon Bate
    • Jul 2nd. 2010 2:06pm

    At what point does Michael Palin ride his bicycle across stage?

    My wife and I enjoy one sentence operas: Prince risks his life to answer three questions, then gets the girl.

    • Erin Vang
    • Jul 2nd. 2010 6:25pm

    Must have been while we were eating pizza!

    OK, I'm blanking–which one is that?

    • kcd
    • Jul 3rd. 2010 11:57am

    that one, i'd say, is turandot….?

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