Fresh, hot pictures!

Kimberly and Paul are my blogging heros, and Kimberly requests pictures. Who am I to refuse my hero?

The earlier entry, “A picture is worth a thousand gasps,” had pictures of the before, demolition, and early during photo albums, but to save you some scrolling, here are the links again:


Preparing for chaos

Demolition and chaos

A fresh batch of pictures is available here: One month in

In all these photo albums, you can click any thumbnail to switch to a one-larger-picture-per-page view. Both views have the same captions.

I suppose it would be more reader-friendly of me to integrate the photos right into my blog entries, but I just can’t deal with doing that much html markup. Apple’s iPhoto makes it easy for me to crank out photo albums with thumbnails, big pictures, and comments. If Blogger has an easy way for me to integrate them into my entries, I haven’t figured it out, so this is just how it’s going to be for a while.