A lot of clunking and banging is a good thing

In things electrical, George seems to have most of the circuit box put back together, and Russell has temporarily reconnected the motion detector and glass break connector to the security system so we could make sure that’s all working before the walls get hidden behind sheetrock.

The small rathole where the old vent duct exited is now filled in, but now there’s a big raccoon hole where the new vent duct will exit, but Russell kindly put a wire mesh screen over that one, so the raccoons will have to work at getting in. Russell’s also filled in the various holes in the subfloor, and he says we’re about a day away from the rough inspection. Place those bets now.

The cats have really made the apartment theirs. Here was the scene I found last night: we’re standing over the recliner, Gjetost is on the seat, and Norton is on the ottoman. I took this with my cell phone, so it’s not the greatest photo in the world.