Lazy blogger!

The easiest way I could find to get our logo uploaded to use in our page header was by creating this bogus entry and uploading the art into it.

And while I’m at it, here are some mispellings and alternate spellings for benefit of those who are ø- and å- impaired but are searching for our band:

  • Midnight Smørgåsbord
  • Midnight Smørgasbord
  • Midnight Smorgåsbord
  • Midnight Smoergaasbord
  • Midnight Smorgaasbord
  • Midnight Smoergasbord
  • Midnight Smorgosbord
  • Midnight Smargasbard
  • Midnight Smorgasbard
  • Midnight Smargosbard
  • Midnight Smargasbord
  • Midnight Schmorgasbord
  • Midnight Shmorgasbord