Things that are better

Norton seems to be out of the woods. He kept me on pins and needles all weekend, acting normal and seeming to be comfortable, but not pooping from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. Then he didn’t poop again until yesterday. Fortunately his poop Sunday looked normal, and pooping didn’t seem to strain him, which was an excellent sign. I talked to the vet late Monday afternoon, and she said if he hadn’t passed it or shown distress by now, he must have digested it. So, let’s hear it for Norton’s digestive system, and for the good digestive thoughts of my readership! Norton and I thank you!

The cabinets are nearly all installed now, and it’s starting to look like it’ll be a nice kitchen. When the sheetrock was put in, suddenly the space seemed too small for everything that was going to go in, but Jon said the cabinets would make it look roomier again. How this could be defies reason, but he was right. Now that most of them are in, the kitchen actually feels spacious, and the vast expense of alder is gorgeous.

George has finished installing the underlayment in the closet and at the mouth of the hallway.

The old dining room is no longer a chaotic crowd of cabinets, and it too feels more spacious. (The new dining room is full of saws and so on, so it feels far from spacious.)