The remains of the project

This week, Jon’s been hiking somewhere, and George put in a few half days doing some little stuff. He sealed the backsplash, put a second coat of sealer on the floor, installed oak trim around the hearth, and did some cleanup.

Jon’ll be back on the job on Monday. I leave tomorrow for another week in North Carolina, and I hope that when I get back, the place will be, as Jon promises, unrecognizable.

The big things that remain are to install the hardwood flooring in the music room, sand and refinish the hardwood in the dining room, tile the entry way, and install baseboards in all of the above. Jon ought to be able to get a big jump on these while I’m gone.

There’s also a jillion little things. Here’s another of those “Honey-Do” lists, this time written by me and Jon, for Jon and George. George has already knocked some of his off.


  • install glass in cabinets
  • seal backsplash
  • outlet plates
  • outlet plate for junction box at old subpanel
  • run speaker cables from living room to music and dining rooms (which will involve running conduit outside the house under the part of the living room that’s cantilevered over my carport, into the crawlspace, and up through the floors)
  • finish outlets including switch in upstairs bedroom that’s wired backwards (or screwed in upside-down, whichever)
  • clean back deck
  • rest of handles
  • trim around hearth, under sill
  • install knife racks (I had an 18″ rack and a 12″ rack, and we decided two 18″ racks would look better, so I had to order a second rack–it has just arrived)
  • dining, music room ceiling lights
  • trim piece at threshold
  • phone jack
  • pot rack
  • glass shelves–>bar
  • finish ceiling @ hood
  • paint
  • seal floor 2d coat


  • hardwood
  • tile
  • scribe
  • dishwasher door squeak
  • get a shelf for under lazy susan garbage?